MrsRganics - Carol Rowney

Hello, my name is Carol and welcome to Mrs R’ganics!

Did you know that it is thought the average female absorbs over 2kgs of chemicals through their skin every year??? 

I have been in the healthcare profession for well over 20-years and more recently a Sister in a busy Emergency Department in Belfast.  Currently on a 5 year career break to concentrate on all things Mrs R!

Most of my adult life I have suffered from psoriasis and for years I shuddered at the thought of using the harmful medication prescribed to counter my symptoms. Like many others, I started looking more closely at the ingredients in products that I was using and was astonished at the nasties they included. I began to look for organic products for my own skin and was aghast at the fact that many “organic & natural” skincare products still contained nasty chemicals!  I am self-taught in the art of making skincare products and base the recipes on what has worked for me. I am also pleased to say that these products are now working for you too... 

After lots of research and trial & error, I made my first organic balm – Mrs R’ganics Rescue Balm. I love it as it is a great all-rounder. I began giving it to friends and family, everyone loved it and wanted more.

Fast forward a year and Mrs R’ganics emerged – often called Mrs R by my hubby, the name Mrs R’ganics was perfect.

We love to use local produce when possible- Duvillaun Salt, Hills Mix Tape coffee, flowers & herbs gathered from Helens Bay Organic Farm & The Walled Garden at Helens Bay (both certified organic farms),Natural Umber Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Irish Seaweed (also certified organic). 

Our products:

  • Are all handmade by me in small fresh batches, Crawfordsburn, Northern Ireland.
  • Contain only certified organic ingredients or ingredients that are found in their natural pure state for example seaweed & salts.
  • Are eco friendly
  • Are cruelty free
  • Are sustainable
  • Are free from parabens, preservatives, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic colour & fragrance.

We use organic beeswax in some of our products. The wax is gathered from hives which has been produced by wonderful bees who live very happily in a large wild flower meadow. We would NEVER use an ingredient that would bring harm to a living creature or one that would be detrimental to the environment!

Absolutely No Nasties used here!