MrsRganics - Carol Rowney

Hello, my name is Carol Rowney & welcome to Mrs R’ganics!

We’ve been making since 2014 and are

Northern Irelands first truly organic & artisan skincare company.

Most of my adult life I have suffered from severe psoriasis & like many others started looking more closely at the many ingredients in each product I was using.  I began to look for products for my own skin but struggled to find truly organic, ethical skincare. 

I have been in the healthcare profession for over 30 years, more recently a Clinical Sister in a busy Emergency Department in Belfast & now thanks to you, Mrs R'ganics is my full time job!

And the name Mrs R’ganics?  My hubby Andrew has always called me Mrs R (Carol Rowney), when we needed a name for our new business he was the one to come up with Mrs R’ganics.  I’ve been Mrs R’ganics since 2015 & his mrs R for over 28 years!

  "Organic by Name, Organic by Nature"                    


"Organic means working with nature, not against it."

Organic Beauty is the formulation of cosmetic products using organically farmed ingredients.  These ingredients are grown without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more. 

"The Soil Association"

Natural does not mean organic & comes with no quality guarantees.

Organic plants contain higher levels of minerals, vitamins & antioxidants than non organic plants. They are grown without the use of herbicides, fertilisers & pesticides and are free from contaminants making them safer overall for you & your family.



I focus on using the highest quality organic flowers, herbs, essential oils and plant based ingredients. Our ingredients are almost exclusively 100% organic, raw, unrefined and ethically sourced.

We love to use local produce when possible, here are just a few- Duvillaun Irish Salt, flowers & herbs gathered from local organic farms, Natural Umber- organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Hills Mix spent coffee & Wild Irish Seaweed gathered by hand from the west coast of Ireland. 

We also use ingredients that support women's co-operatives, ensuring fair wages & regular health checks for them & their families.

Every order from our website means a donation to a local NI food-bank or charity. We donate every single month.

Our products:

  • are all handmade in small, fresh batches, Crawfordsburn, Co Down.
  • contain only certified organic ingredients or ingredients that are found in their natural pure state for example seaweed & salts.
  • are earth friendly
  • are environmentally conscious
  • are eco friendly
  • are cruelty free
  • are sustainable
  • are ethical
  • are GMO free
  • are free from parabens, preservatives, fillers, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic colour, fragrance/parfum & synthetic chemicals

We use 100% recyclable glass, aluminium pots, recycled cardboard & compostable packaging. We are committed & are continuously working to uphold sustainability.


As seen in- Ireland's Homes Interiors & Living, Ulster Tatler, Belfast Telegraph, Sunday Life, GNI Mag, Vegan Food & Living and Woman's Way Magazine.