A day at the beach is good for your soul & a dip in the sea does amazing things to your hair!

Our Wild Irish Salt Spray has been made using only the finest plant based ingredients.  It contains absolutely no nasties and will offer hydration to your hair & scalp. It's also great used as a texturising salt spray or to add volume to your hair!
Sea salt is rich in minerals and is renowned for its anti-inflamatory properties. Apple Cider Vinegar softens & cleanses your hair without removing the scalps natural oils.
It will boost moisture & shine while keeping a balanced PH level & promote hair growth.
Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel will stimulate the production of natural moisturising oils & help eliminate scalp dryness.
Organic Rosemary, Thyme & May Chang essential oils will stimulate hair growth and leave your hair/scalp hydrated & soft.  

Volume: 100ml recyclable blue glass bottle with atomiser.  Available as a refill.

Recommended Uses:
SALT SPRAY- spritz onto damp hair from root to tip before blow drying or leave your hair to dry naturally.
HAIR RINSE- apply to hair after shampooing (we always recommend using a sulphate free shampoo) & rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes.
SCALP SOOTHER-spray onto scalp after shampooing, leave for 30 minutes & rinse thoroughly.  Shake gently before use.

Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana water, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, *Natural Umber Apple Cider Vinegar, Dingle sea salt (sodium chloride), **organic preservative-(Cosmos & Ecocert certified) *Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf oil, *Thymus Vulgaris oil, *Litsea Cubeba Fruit oil

Naturally occurring allergens-citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol.

*certified organic ingredient.
** certified Cosmos & Ecocert ingredient.

Handmade in small, fresh batches,
-Cruelty free
-Vegan friendly
-Paraben free
-Sulphate free
-GMO free
-Eco Friendly