Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil -10mls


Botanical name- Leptospermum petersonil

Aroma- Fresh and spicy aroma

Extraction- Steam distillation

Part of plant- Leaf

Country of origin- South Africa/Australia

Natural occuring allergens- limonene, linalool

Traditional uses- The most powerful known natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and disinfectant oil.  Tea tree helps stimulate the immune system, as well ass killing pathogenic organisms.  Useful in skincare spots & blemishes and fungal infections such as athletes foot.

Soil association certified organic, making it the highest quality grade possible that one can buy.  It has been produced to the highest ethical & environmental standards. The Soil Association's standards exceed the UK government's minimum requirements for organic products in many areas but particularly in animal welfare, GMO & the use of pesticides.

Please note that essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore should be used with care and knowledge when used externally/internally.